Dewalt Heated Hoodie Review


Dewalt’s heated hoodie has been on the market since 2014 and is specifically designed for the conditions of a job site. It is basically a Carhartt model with added heating. The other layer consists of a cotton twill that is wind and water resistant. It looks excellent in most conditions and is quite comfortable. Let’s start by reviewing the features

We compare the dewalt heated hoodie with lithium battery


  • The outer Shell consists of very sturdy Cotton Twill. The material is wind and water resistant but not waterproof.
  • Three sections of heating elements are working to keep you warm. They are located on chest left and right, and mid back
  • Up to three different heat settings are available. Not surprisingly those are: low, medium and high
  • Uses Dewalt Max Batteries at either 20V or 12V. So you can use the batteries and chargers that you might already be using for your tools. It is also available with included batteries and chargers for customers that don’t have the equipment
  • It works as a USB power source and has two standard USB power ports. So you can use the battery to charge you smartphone or tablet.
  • The battery pocket can accept up to 20V XR batteries so that you can extend the heating time.

Our thoughts


The jacket has a great fit, with a large hoodie and flexible cuffs and waist. When you move around a lot, you will not have cold wind blowing into the jacket, which is something we appreciated.


The pockets have enough capacity and an excellent shape to them. They are also well placed, except for the battery compartment. With the larger batteries in the pocket, it’s difficult to sit and drive. It’s not that you can’t sit at all, but you have to move the battery out of the way. So the jacket gets kind of tangled up around you. If you are only using it when you are moving or standing this is no problem at all.
Something that we liked about the pockets is the internal slots to run charging cables and headphones. We could run everything inside the jacket to minimize the chance of getting entangled into something.

Battery life

The battery life was among the highest of the pack. The specifications for battery life are always a topic of discussion. Many people think that they will get to those times easily and are disappointed when the performance falls short. But for the manufacturers, there is little choice to do otherwise. If they list the minimum battery life, then nobody chooses their products. Customers will at the specs first and complain later. With this jacket, you can stay hot for half a day (4-6 hours) using the 20V batteries. This performance is about as good as it gets for this kind of jackets.


This jacket is perfect for anybody that works on winter job sites. It’s also very suitable for people that do a lot of outdoor activities in winter. It is sturdy, fits well and lasts well too. The battery could be located better, but in most cases, it doesn’t present a problem. The USB charging and internal cable slots are very convenient.

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