Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Review


The Milwaukee M12 line of heated work gear is designed specifically for professionals that work in freezing conditions. They need sturdy equipment that gives them freedom of movement and maximum warmth at the same time. Let’s review the features that make these jackets stand out:


  • 12V battery system
  • The heating elements are made from Carbon Fiber
  • Three heating settings with a very simple control button on the chest
  • Softshell outer fabric, but with a Milwaukee specific design that should stay water and wind resistant during heavy wear and tear.
  • Four-way stretching material to allow maximum freedom of movement.
  • It pushes the standard with a maximum heating time of 8 hours, albeit under ideal conditions.
  • The battery is secured in the jacket.
  • Wash and dry in the machine without any problem.

What we like about it

milwaukee-m12-heated-jacket-review-2-tomsheatedjacketreviewsThis jacket is as sturdy and resistant as they come. The material feels very durable, but it does allow for a lot of movement. The wind and water resistant is great and is not affected by abrasion. A lot of jackets have great wind and water resistance until they get a little worn. Then they start leaking everywhere.

The heating time is great, even though we managed 6, 5 hours under more realistic conditions. This is the longest heating time around. It’s remarkable that Milwaukee achieved this with a 12V battery against the 20V of the competition. The carbon fiber heating elements must be very efficient.

The Milwaukee heated jacket can be washed and dried in the machine. It’s about time that heated jackets can withstand this. Who is going to hand-wash their jacket, or let their wife do it?

What we don’t like about it

The jacket didn’t fit very tight around the waist. This is of course very personal, but people with a smaller waist might loose a little warmth.

We would have liked the medium setting to be a little warmer. Now the difference between medium and high is too large. Which means it’s easy to be a bit cold on medium, but sweating on high. It is amazing, though, how easily you can get warm with this jacket. If you have ever been doing jumping jacks after putting on you big jacket, and still not got warm. You are going to love this jacket. You push the button, and instant warmth is yours.

The last minor gripe that we had with it was the light on the button. It looks cool until you are driving in your car in the dark. Then it can get a little annoying.


Anybody that has to work outside in cold climates should have one of these jackets. The range of motion and mobility in combination with toasty warmth is unbeatable. Regular, nonheated, jackets will always need to be a lot bulkier to give the same warmth. And then they still only insulate, so you need to produce the heat yourself. And during times when you are less active, it’s very hard to stay warm. With the Milwaukee Heated Jacket, you never have this problem anymore. Until the battery runs out, that is:). So best to have a spare one available.